Friday’s Five Random Questions

imageIt”s Friday and I want to do something fun and get to know my readers I said I didn”t have in my last post. I”m sure there are plenty of people do this type of post, but the one that I borrowed the idea from was Rob asks 5 random questions and then asks the reader to answer them. He doesn”t expect them to do all the work, however; he is the first one to answer them. So with all that said, here are five random questions that I want to know about you.


1. What was your favorite cartoon growing up? Or if you still watch cartoons, what is your current favorite cartoon?


2. If you had to live without the use of deodorant or toothpaste, which one would you choose and why?


3. Have you seen any good movies yet this summer? Which one(s) are you still looking forward to?


4. Have you ever eaten Spam?(the meat, not the annoying stuff clogging your inbox)


5. How do you feel about sweatpants?


Now you know the questions; here are my answers.


1. This is a tough question for me because there were so many that I watched regularly. I would probably say Ducktales or its sort of spinoff Darkwing Duck. I also really enjoyed Animaniacs. I still find myself checking out Phineas and Ferb these days.

2. I”ve stumped myself with this question. I might pull all my teeth and become a juicer. I”m kind of going back and forth here. Did I leave this vague enough where I could still use mouth wash and floss?

3. I”ve seen all the blockbusters I think. Ironman 3, Star Trek Into the Darkness, and Man of Steel. I think I liked Star Trek the best, but they are all worth a watch. I”m really looking forward to MonstersUniversity and World War Z which both came out today. I”m also looking forward to The Wolverine and The Worlds End.

4. Yes and it wasn”t the worst thing I”ve ever had, but it certainly isn”t something I”d go out if my way to eat again.

5. I”d wear them if society wasn”t so driven by looking nice. They are comfortable and very easy to wear.


Five random questions, there are my answers; I”m looking forward to reading yours.

8 Responses to “Friday’s Five Random Questions”

  1. Rick Dawson says:

    Sheesh, your answers tell me you are *young* 🙂

    1) Road Runner or Speedy Gonzales – any Looney Tunes stuff is at the top of the list. (I *did* like Animaniacs and DWD)

    2)Deodorant – I’m not around crowds that often, and good hygiene will take care of most of the smell. Not a choice I ever plan on having to make, and I hope no one else around me makes it either 🙂

    3)I plan on getting out for “Now You See Me” and a few others, but I’m not a big superhero fan. or zombie fan – I don’t care for Rob Zombie, so why would I care for crowds of them? 🙂

    4)Yes. True story – when I was commuting from where I lived in South Dakota to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota one week for my cancer treatments, almost as soon as we hit the Minnesota line my nose (my sense of smell was heightened by chemotherapy) was assaulted by the smell of dead skunk. That smell changed about 5 miles out of Austin, MN to the smell that came out of the Hormel plant. I almost preferred the smell of dead skunk. Almost.

    5)I prefer my blue jeans over sweats – but I don’t much care for social climbing, so either would work for me 🙂

    I’m first – what do I win? Oh, wait…never mind 🙂
    Rick Dawson recently posted..DORK!My Profile

  2. Other than having never been to South Dakota, I’ll just say “ditto” to Rick’s comment.

    Also, cool name.
    Ricky Anderson recently posted..Thanks – A Father’s Day Letter to a Father From a FatherMy Profile

  3. 5 questions? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Except Rick, I guess. 🙂 I’ll choose one: sweatpants. Not a fan. In 4th grade, I loved them. Since then, not so much.
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