A Bunch of Idioms

The English language is a fascinating one; I”ve enjoyed speaking some form of it all my life. In high school, I had one of the best English teachers ever, Mrs. Alverson. One of the most interesting things about our language, are the idiomatic phrases that exist within it. I”m sure there are plenty in other languages too, but we seem to have a slew of them; and though I know what most of them mean, I can”t help but think that they are just strange expressions that make no sense. I”ll share a few that always are funny to me and my thoughts about them.

Shooting the breeze

A tip of the cap to whoever came up with this to describe having a casual conversation; it makes little sense to me though. Who would literally shoot the breeze? What did the breeze ever do to you? I personally think it”s nice, especially on a bright sunny day. The breeze does not deserve to be shot in my book. And then there”s….

In my book

What book are you talking about? Is it an imaginary book you are keeping, or are you actually writing a book with that information in it? If the latter is the case, you are writing a very long, very strange book full of some pretty useless information. Sorry to burst your bubble there. Speaking of which….

Burst your bubble

I know what this means, and I have a pretty good idea with thought behind it; I just think it”s kind of dumb. Nothing nice is said when you burst one”s bubble; in fact, I”m always quite content in mine. It”s not too difficult to burst someone”s bubble, in fact it”s easy as pie….

Easy as pie

What are we talking about here? How is pie easy? Easy as enjoying pie? That would be easy. Easy as making pie? That to me is pretty difficult, and I”m not just pulling your leg….

Just pulling your leg

This is used to indicate that what you have said is a ruse or a joke. Something to get a laugh and what not. Problem is if you start pulling my leg, you”re not going to get a laugh from me. You”re more likely to get kicked. Which leads me to…

Get a kick out of

Anything I”ve been kicked by hasn”t been a pleasant experience, and I wouldn”t say I”ve been really thrilled. Yet this idiom has a positive connotation the majority of the time it”s used. If something starts kicking, I start running; I don”t stay behind to see the kick I induced. That phrase just rubs me the wrong way….

Rubs me the wrong way.

Yeah, I”m not even going to go anywhere with this one because it can”t end well.

So tell me, what are some of the idioms that you just don”t get? What are some of your favorites? Did you get a kick out of this post, or did it rub you the wrong way?

10 Responses to “A Bunch of Idioms”

  1. Angi says:

    Ahhhh yes. I have always felt sorry for folks with English as their second language…as if to/too/two and their/they’re/there and alright/all right wasn’t hard enough already…

    And yes. I most certainly got a kick out of this post. It was the bees’ knees!

  2. Dara Gilliam says:

    I honestly don’t think that I use idioms that often. I think the only one I use out of the ones you listed is “in my book.” And no, I’m not writing an actual book, but I’m informing whoever I’m talking to of what would and would not be ok in it if it were to exist. As a mental book, it does exist. I guess I’ll just start saying “in my mind.”
    Anyhow, this blog made me crack up laughing!
    And no, Phil, I did not literally crack into pieces:)

  3. David Helms says:

    I am originally from the south. Not just the south, but the country. I now live in Chicago. Southerners speak mostly in idioms, I have lost my accent but not my way of talking, my friends give the strangest looks when I say
    “it’s 6 in one hand, half a dozen in the other”
    “if I had my druthers…”
    “that food was so good it’ll make your tongue knock out your brain…”
    David Helms recently posted..Good Morning!My Profile

  4. Idioms are thoroughly and wonderfully weird! Here’s the post I was telling you about: Bizzare Origins of Popular Idioms. I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of it. Thanks Philip!
    Jason Stasyszen recently posted..Light Friday Hit List: 8/10/12My Profile

  5. Hilarious, Phil.
    I like “Barrel of monkeys”- because everyone knows that a literal barrel containing monkeys would be a hilarious blast when you open it up, right? I doubt they would be angry for having been stored in a barrel, nor would they try to maul you or at least sling their dung at you. 🙂
    Stephen Haggerty recently posted..Faking ItMy Profile

    • philip says:

      Yeh Stephen, I agree, a barrel of monkeys doesn’t sound much fun to me. Also barrel related, it’ll be like shooting fish in a barrel; who would really shoot fish in a barrel? Thanks! 🙂