About Me

I have been a writer in some form or fashion for several years now. It started in high school, when I took a creative writing course and discovered I was actually good at it. Other than assignments for that class, very few got to see anything that I was writing durning those years. When I was a senior in high school, someone told me that I would use my writing to express God and encourage others. It wasn’t until Facebook came around years later that I would see that actually start to happen.

My goal in this blog is to write and share things that I understand based on things I am going through, and perhaps things that I see going on around me. I hope each post whether serious or humorous, uplifting or heartbreaking contains a seed of encouragement for all who stop by to read. Most of all, I want this to be a place of open conversation. So by all means, tell me what you’re thinking. I always enjoy learning from someone else’s perspective.

My brother Jason was very instrumental in me believing I could do this. He’s also the source behind this beautiful page design. For further inspiration and truth, you should check out his blog page at