Brighter Shining Still, A Review

I’m not really that great at writing album reviews. I tend to over do it and do a song by song synopsis instead of a review of the album as a whole. Why do I give you that information to start off this post? Because I’m getting ready to attempt to write a review.

Recently I had the privilege of receiving and advance copy of Jason Scott’s new album “Brighter Shining Still.” Full disclosure, Jason is my brother and I did have a hand in writing one of the songs. I will do my very best to let my bias come into play.


I judge an album’s greatness on a few different factors. One big one is the ability to listen all the way through without being tempted to skip a track before it ends. I can honestly say that of all the times I’ve listened so far, I haven’t skipped a track. Another sign of a great album is that each time I listen through, different tracks become my favorite from the album. I’ve had least 7 of the 12 tracks be my favorite so far, and I have little doubt the other 5 will too the list in the future.

If you haven’t heard Jason’s previous four releases, I highly recommend you remedy that. If you have heard Jason’s previous albums, don’t expect what you’ve heard in the past. I think it’s appropriate that there is a song here titled “New Sound Come,” because it’s what Jason shoots for and accomplishes in a big way.  It’s starts with a a plea for God’s people to step out of those things that held them back yesterday and into a new day.

I was present during the recording process, and I was more than a little curious to here how the live atmosphere would translate into the recording.  While it’s safe to say that no recording could compleley capture the full experience of being there live, you can still feel the beckoning to enter into complete worship.  I think producer Aaron Brown deserves major kudos for his work here.  It’s one thing to have powerful songs, but they are nothing without quality production behind them. 

As I said, I will refrain from going through each track individually as to keep this post from being a ridiculous length.  I will point out a few things that have jumped out to me.  I must say that a weird thing has happened to me in hearing “The Song Begins” recorded here.  I contributed a small bit to the lyrics here, and I have never felt so humble yet so proud at the same time about something.  It sounds better than I ever could have imagined when I sent the jumbled lyrics I had scribbled down to Jason.

“We have given up, when we should have given all; we obeyed our fears, when we should have heard Your call.” Such is the punch in the gut that starts my current favorite song “Restore Us.”  The track doesn’t leave the listener down though; “You have raised us up, a people filled with fire; You have called us out a light in darkness for this time.”  Powerful lyrics, restore us indeed.

The album ends with the powerful release “Stand,” which transitions seemlessly into the open worship of “The Lord Reigns.” Start to finish this is an album that can be listened to over and over again.  It may have been a long wait between releases; but after hearing the finished product, I can say it was well worth the wait.  Do yourself a favor, go buy yourself a copy if you haven’t already; you’ll be glad you did.

How about you, have you heard “Brighter Shining Still”?  Do you have a favorite track?

8 Responses to “Brighter Shining Still, A Review”

  1. haven’t heard it yet Phil. Will have to do so. Only then can I make up my own review. Oh, I saw no bias on your part. LOL

  2. Jason is good, man. Just checked out some of the samples via his website. Talented dude.
    Stephen Haggerty recently posted..How To Say “Diabetes”My Profile

    • philip says:

      Thanks Stephen, really happy how it all turned out. I agree with the talented comment; but again, I’m a little biased.

  3. I have heard it and I love it, but then, I am most definitely biased. 🙂 Thanks for the heartfelt review. I’m so thankful and proud to have a brother like you! Thank you, Philip.
    Jason Stasyszen recently posted..Love and Grace FirstMy Profile

  4. floyd says:

    I’ve heard it and couldn’t agree more. Jason’s music pours forth the heart and love of our Father. I too couldn’t recommend the album high more. It is awesome!
    floyd recently posted..“YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW”My Profile