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Comedic Inspiration

Saturday night I was lucky enough to catch John Crist in Shawnee. Over the last few years I’ve had the awesome opportunity to get to interact and know John, and he has become a great friend. Knowing John has also led me to meeting other friends that I doubt I would ever had made without him. I’ve also learned a lot from him through observation of his act. I’ve seen him several times now... read more

Meeting the Comedian

This past Tuesday night I drove to Tulsa with the idea that I was either going to meet up with some great friends or be involved in the weirdest/worst episode of Catfish ever. My friend Ed Wiley informed me that he and his family were driving from South Georgia to North Dakota for him to do a comedy show and that he had booked a show in Tulsa for Wednesday night. Knowing how hilarious his posts and the... read more

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

At least that’s what I hope is true about you that have read my blog in the past and have now made your way to today’s post. It’s been 4 months since my last entry and I’ve just been creeping on other blogs during that time. I haven’t even the common courtesy of posting in comments on any of them. So let’s see blog jerk checklist: not writing, check; reading but not... read more

Life Lessons: You Can’t Jump Over That

This is a second segment of an undetermined number of posts called life lessons.   Today”s lesson is, you”re not that athletic or coordinated. You”re neither nimble, nor are you quick. Please don”t try to jump over err… onto that post on the sidewalk.   I”ve mentioned in the past that I”m “accident prone,” but I”ve failed to mention that... read more


Independence Day ranks up there as one of my favorite holidays. I mean BBQ’s, freedom, colorful explosions in the night sky; what’s not to love? The 4th is also the day of the Nathan’s Company hot dog eating contest, and some how this event has classified itself as either entertainment or a sport because they show it on Espn every year. I’ve become completely fascinated with it over... read more

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