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An Evening with The Vespers

I always enjoy finding new music, especially when it”s excellent and double especially when it is a hidden gem that few others know about. I find great pleasure in then sharing that little known artists with others that I know enjoy great music. Recently I discovered a band that I just can”t get enough of, and I think you should discover them for yourselves. The band is called The Vespers, and... read more


I am an upstanding, law-abiding citizen now; but I have a checkered past with various run-ins with “law enforcement.” I”d like to share a couple of stories from my past that I hope will help others avoid making the same mistakes that I did. The first occurred in my senior year of high school. I was just a young kid who thought he could get away with anything. It was spring break, and I... read more

Just a Little Honesty

I have started writing probably five times in the last few days and completely stopped each post midway through completion based on the negative tones they were taking. Now I know that it is up to me to choose my attitude, and one of those choices is to stay positive and upbeat. In all honesty at the moment, there is a whole lot of negative swirling around and it’s just done its best to beat the... read more

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