Comedic Inspiration

Saturday night I was lucky enough to catch John Crist in Shawnee. Over the last few years I’ve had the awesome opportunity to get to interact and know John, and he has become a great friend. Knowing John has also led me to meeting other friends that I doubt I would ever had made without him.

I’ve also learned a lot from him through observation of his act. I’ve seen him several times now in a few different types of venues. You might think that having heard the material so much, it wouldn’t be as funny anymore. The thing is, even if I’ve heard the joke multiple times, it’s the delivery more than the punchline that gets me each time. John truly has a gift for reading a room which is probably the most important thing to being a comedian or any type of public speaker/performer. (I know, no big secret revealed there) I’ve seen him stretch out or shorten a bit on a dime depending on the crowds reaction. Unless you’ve seen his act multiple times, you would never know it was happening.


The best moments to me are the ones that you can tell he really likes a joke and that he will tell it no matter how the audience will respond to it. Even if he’s the only one laughing, he’ll tell it just because he enjoys it. There was a point Saturday night where he said something so funny, so unexpected that you could that he caught even himself off guard. In the ridiculousness of it, he couldn’t contain himself and doubled over even going down to the ground laughing. It’s these on the fly moments where he comes up with the perfect response in an interaction with an audience member that I find inspiring. It fascinates me that he’s able to take even the most random fact and come up with a joke or funny story off of it and it be genuinely funny. Even in the moments a joke doesn’t land, he can generally call attention to it and with self deprecation turn it around.

I know that even in our best intentions things that we find funny don’t always go as planned. Before the show, he told us of a less than successful attempt to make light of a situation that caused him to completely crash and burn one night. If I remember correctly, some got up and left, but he was able to turn it around somewhat. Being someone that takes his craft but not himself too seriously, he was able to shrug that experience off and be better for his next show.

I don’t know about you, but I appreciate seeing people operating in the gifts that have been put inside them. It’s what keeps me showing up to John’s shows no matter how many times I’ve heard the jokes. I’ve been encouraged to read my audience better no matter the size and change my approach when things don’t seem to be working. I want to make sure that the gifts that are in me are used to bless others. Thank you John for being an inspiration to me even if you didn’t know it.

If you haven’t heard of John, I encourage you to find his YouTube channel; but only if you really like to laugh.

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  1. I’ve never got to see him live, but he’s a funny dude. 🙂
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