Dreams and Vulnerability

Whenever I see someone who has shared something of themselves that has blessed, encouraged, or otherwise touched me in some way announce that they have a new project that they are working on and attempting to raise funds to share it with others, I always try to give at least a little bit in support. I feel as though it’s a simple way to give just a fraction back of what they given me. They all say something similar usually along the lines of being anxious to put it out there for people to see or hear. I generally have the same response each time. Of course I want to show support, you have an amazing gift and you should be able to share it with as many who will listen. There’s nothing to be anxious about because everyone in their right mind should love it! But I know that we all have naysayers in our lives. Those people who can’t understand the desire or need of someone else to share their gifting with the world.

It wasn’t until I had a dream bubbling up inside of me to the point that I couldn’t hold it in any longer and had to share it with others did I understand how vulnerable it could feel to share it. Will they think I’m crazy? Will they see how much I believe in this and how awesome it can be? Will they say I’m wrong in what I believe about it? Will they see that even though it’s reaching for the stars it feels as real and as close as anything that I can see or put my hands on in front of me? Will they support me? Not financially, although that would be fantastic; but really support and encourage me to take steps and leaps of faith towards something I believe is bigger than myself and would benefit the masses.

I dream of a day that I have a place that I can support others in so many different ways. If that be by having a place where they can volunteer and use their green thumb to help grow fruits and vegetables that will go to feed the needy. If that be having a stage to come share a song that can encourage someone to keep going in this life. Wether it just be a place where they can come enjoy some serenity and take a walk through beautiful landscapes and collect their thoughts. Someplace where they can come teach their kids to fish for the first time. I want a place that is inviting and giving back to a community that has given so much to me. It’s scary and it’s daunting in its enormity. But I’m willing to be vulnerable to share this dream with you. Because I’d be doing us all a disservice if I buried it.

What’s your dream and how might I support you in it?

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