I’m excited! You should be too!


Back at the end of August, I posted an interview that I did with Jason Scott ahead of a compaign to fund a new album that he was working on and set to record in early November. I was fortunate enough to work with him behind the scenes on it and be there for the recording itself. I recently asked Jason some follow up questions about the whole process and his thoughts about the project now that it is complete. Here is the exchange.

About 6 months ago I asked a few questions about your expectations for the upcoming album and the recording process. Now that the process is complete and the album is going through duplication, I thought I”d follow up to ask a few more questions about this side of it.

As with any project, there are always a few bumps along the way along with a few surprises. Can you discuss some of the bumps and surprises that came in this process?

Because you become so emotionally invested in the songs and the process, I”ve compared these albums to having kids and this one is no different. I know it sounds funny, but there are a lot of similarities! This particular album had some extra struggle and stress attached to it, some from logistics and some from the financial side. Getting everything in place takes a lot of strategizing, but in the end, you just go for it. I carried a lot, but then when it”s over and you see the finished product and people start responding to it, it makes all that painful labor seem like nothing. There”s just joy.

You used Aaron Brown to record this album. I got to see a lot of the behind the scenes during the recording, but can you share with us how it was to work with Aaron and why others should do the same if given the opportunity?

Aaron was wonderful. I really wanted to have a producer on this project to help me take everything to the next level and I believe we achieved that. I loved how he not only had a vision for individual songs but also for how each song fit into the context of the whole album. He was dedicated to the project and to my vision for it. It turned out to be a great collaboration.

I had heard most if not all of these songs before they were recorded, and I know that they saw a lot of changes in the process. What was it like making such changes to songs you had done many times?

At the moment, it was exhausting to keep up with. We had been rehearsing and figuring out arrangements for a bulk of the week prior to recording then the services take it to a whole new level. I seem to be incapable of just singing songs, I have to put everything into it!

With 8 plus hours of singing and playing with little sleep in between, it was totally God”s grace that it sounded even somewhat cohesive. All in all though, I am so happy with how things turned out. Some of the songs I had changed the structure/tempo/etc. and others we did together. It was all about getting the best album possible.

I’ve had the privilege of hearing this album all the way through now many times, and each time I pick out a favorite song. My current favorite is “Restore Us.” If you had to pick a current favorite, which would it be?

That is a very hard question. It”s incredible because within the songs, there are these moments. I can feel the heart of God and the Holy Spirit moving on a lyric or even in the crowd. It amazes me what is captured in these live recordings. If I had to pick a whole song though, I guess I would say “To the King.” That one is special because I wrote it right after the last recording and we”ve played it a thousand times. The arrangement we came up with breathed such new life into it and it became a new song. I love it.

What do you hope people receive out of “Brighter Shining Still”?

Honestly, I hope people are drawn into an experience. These songs are declarations and worship for Jesus. They are prayers and cries of the heart. I want people to hear the excellence in what we tried to put together, but more importantly, I want them to see Jesus and encounter His presence in a life-transforming way. That”s not too much to ask, right?


This album is available now for purchase at the following link. Keep reading for a chance to win a copy.

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  1. Don’t enter me, but thanks so much, Philip! 🙂 I appreciate your support throughout everything and now getting the word out. You’re awesome.
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