Healing and Boldness

I missed last weeks discussion on healing because I was ill and not capable of sitting down to write. I needed a little healing of my own. Before I get into my discussion on the chapter “Boldness,” I want to share a couple of thoughts from “Healing.”

This book has moved me to the brink of tears on a couple of occasions. The story of Larry Malaney and his father”s words that brought healing to his life moved me beyond tears. After reading it, I began thanking God for the people he has put into my life that have spoken encouraging words that brought healing to my soul.

“The question is not can we heal? The question, the only question is will we let the healing power of the risen Jesus flow through us to reach and touch others so that they may dream and fight and bear and run where the brave dare not go?” Brennan Manning The Furious Longing of God


I have to say, I enjoyed this chapter; but it”s not one that I necessarily have a lot to say about. As a golfer and one who enjoys watching it as well, I enjoyed Manning”s story about Arnold Palmer and the king of Saudi Arabia.

“In the presence of a king, don”t ask for small gifts.”

I liked that he followed the golf story and that statement with the account of Bartimaeus asking Jesus for his sight. He wasn”t begging for a small amount of money or bread; no, he casino boldly approached Jesus and asked for the big miracle of his sight. Jesus honored his faith and boldness by restoring his sight.

“What do you want? Today, right now? Boldly ask!”

6 Responses to “Healing and Boldness”

  1. Mallory says:

    I really appreciated this one. I have a hard time remembering that I’m allowed to ask Jesus for big things. I guess I get it stuck in my head that I’m not “worth” that much, which is so totally against what God tells us He sees us as. I’m a princess to God, but sometimes I get too caught up in what the world tells me I am to remember that.
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  2. So, so happy that it’s not a question of “can we heal?” but it’s already accomplished through Jesus’ blood. He may use someone else to establish that healing, but however He chooses to do it, there is healing available. I want to be a vessel of this freedom as well. Thanks Philip.
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    • philip says:

      Thanks Jason, it’s so amazing to know that while we are the vessel it’s still His power. What a humbling thing to realize.

  3. Frank says:

    Hope you feel better!

    I like the story of Arnie as well. I was trying to guess the punchline, figured he’d ask for a new cart and get a Mercedes or something like that. Can you imagine his surprise? But I love the point- in the presence of a king, don’t ask for small gifts.
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