As I was thinking about what my next post was going, there were no fewer than a trillion things going through my head. This post will be a hodge-podge of a few of those thoughts.


I heard a prayer of desperation come out of someone’s mouth, and  it bothered me for two reasons; first the words that were said, and second the realization that I’ve  uttered close to the same words before. The prayer was a bargain with God; and it was said a little sarcastically, which I’m not sure makes it better or worse. “Father, if you’ll answer this for me, I’ll never bother you again.” Immediately after hearing this, I was really struck by how sad it was. Knowing that while not the same bargain, I have uttered similar words to God. I was struck by how much this prayer misses the whole point of God; how it is the very opposite of His want and nature. If we knew our true value in His eyes, we would know that we are not a burden on Him; and the quick fix that we are trying to get Him to provide is far beneath the greatness that He is longing to produce in us.

Topic #2

In two short weeks one of my closest and oldest friends is getting married. I am privileged to stand in as one of his groomsmen, which means I recently had the pleasure of getting fitted for a tux. These things have brought me to the following realizations: I am not as skinny as the last time I was fitted for a tux, and I am really running out of single friends.  This isn’t a “why am I still alone” post; it is more of a “all my friends are now grown ups, does that mean I have to be a grown up too?” post.

Topic #3

I have recently been introduced to Spotify, and I am completely hooked. It has allowed me to rediscover music from youth and realize and be thankful that my taste has evolved a bit. It’s also helped me discover bands that I never would have had the opportunity to hear otherwise. Johnnyswim is a band I probably never come across; I started listening to their “Home” EP and I haven’t been able to get enough of it. If you have an Internet connection or smartphone and are a fan of music, check out Spotify; and if you like excellent music, check out Johnnyswim.

So there you go, three totally random things on my mind today. I share because I know you care. What random thing is on your mind?

8 Responses to “Hodge-podge”

  1. Random works for me! You definitely could have written whole posts on these, but I forgive you. 🙂

    • philip says:

      Yeh you’re probably right, but for some reason I had ADD when I sat down to write and couldn’t focus on one topic. Thanks Jason!

  2. The only random thing on my mind is that I’m behind on my coffee intake this morning and am thinking about installing a drip I.V. to catch up.
    I’m still behind the curve on Spotify and have been meaning to check that out. I’ve always wondered, do you have to set it up so everyone on Facebook sees what you’re listening to? I see it a lot in my feed.

    • philip says:

      You can turn the Facebook option off, you can also listen in private session so that none of your friends can see what you are listening to. Just in case you don’t want them to see your secret Miley Cyrus addiction.

  3. Angi says:

    I am currently trying to decide if I want to spend $9.99 or whatever to continue using Spotify…I really shouldn’t. But I really wanna.

  4. Angi says:

    ACK…now I’m SUPER tempted, knowing you love it….