I’m Clumsy

I”m a bit of a klutz. I tend to trip over my own feet and not so gracefully fall to the ground. When I was younger, I gave my parents fits. I was always involved with some random, freak accident that could only happen to me.

One day I was running through the house and arrived at my parents bedroom; I proceeded to trip over my own feet and launched myself as if a super hero through the air and hit the footboard of their bed face first. The force of impact would push my two front teeth up into my gums. After my parents had ever so nicely paid for my teeth to be surgically pulled back down, I rewarded them by slipping and falling face first into a table at McDonald”s. Luckily this time I knocked them clean out. I lived what seemed like 10 years with a toothless smile.
I would like to be able to tell you that i have grown out of this clumsiness; but in reality there have been  broken bones, scrapes, burns, and giant bruises that have led to countless trips to emergency rooms in various states. However, I have defied all odds and I am still standing and breathing today. My clumsiness has not been able to hold me down. Sure I have scars and even a “floating” rib that is no longer attached to anything at all, but nothing has ever kept me completely down.
I write this today to give you a humorous look into my life, but to also make a point. Last night I cried out to God. I had just tripped and fallen big time. As I grasped to hold on to things on my way down, it all came crashing down around me and left things totally smashed to pieces on the ground. As I laid there flailing about, more than just a little hurt more than just a little scared, I was prompted yet again to get up. Yes I had botched things, yes things laid broken; but something inside said, “it”s not beyond repair; you”re not done, and I”m not done.”
I have scars inside and out to remind me that despite all odds and logic; I”ve always been able to get back up and receive healing. The Lord says, “no matter where you think you are and no matter what is broken on the ground around you, it”s not beyond repair. You”re not done and I”m not done.”
Even the righteous man falls, but he sees the ability to rise back up in the midst of it.

4 Responses to “I’m Clumsy”

  1. Angi says:

    Such a good lesson to learn! No matter how many times we fall, we are required to get up again and keep going. It would be so easy to quit, give up, lay there and refuse to stand up again…but that’s never been the way to win a race, and winning’s going to feel so much better than falling down ever did. 😉

    • philip says:

      Most defintiely Angi, I wish some of these lessons wouldn’t hurt so bad; but as long as I’m growing, I can take it. The good news is as long as we keep pushing the win is assured, and it certainly will be worth the scrapes that come along the way. Thanks!

  2. Hey, not sure this is clumsy or not but I once drove through a carwash with the windows down (not on purpose) …man was I clean! I’m glad that God is so not done with me, clumsy or not, I still let other things trip me up (pride, etc)…I need Him desperately!

    Thanks Bro’!

    • philip says:

      Haha Jay, that would be quite the shower. You’re so right about the need for Him to keep us from stumbling. Thanks Jay!