In loving me, You made me loveable

Anytime there is a natural disaster or a completely hideous crime, non-believers and even some believers like to ask the question “why?”.  Why or how could God allow this thing to happen.  They let evidence of bad in the world fuel an unbelief within themselves.  There is another why/how that can also fuel unbelief.  “God why/how do you love me? I’m nothing; I’m nobody.  I am undeserving of Your love, and I can’t accept it.”  While it’s true that none of us have the capability to earn or deserve what God did for us or the way that He loves us, it doesn’t make it any less true that He in fact loves us and gave His all for us to know it. 

The very last line in the chapter “An Unplanned Moment of Prayer” from Brennan Mannings book Furious Love is a quote from St Augustine.

“In loving me, You made me loveable.”

That quote hit me once more as I read it again tonight.  I could never do anything to earn this love that He gives freely, but the very fact that He loves me makes me loveable.  Everything about Him is love; every command that He gave to us is out of love for us.  He’s not there passing out rules to hinder our experience, but He’s giving us direction to keep us safe because He loves us.  He’s not there waiting to kick us when we fall down; He’s there with outstretched hand waiting to lift us up and dust us off to continue to walk down His path of love for us.

“In human beings love is a quality, a high-prized virtue; in God, love is His identity”

The first Bible verse that I remember memorizing in children’s church was the second part of 1 John 4:8; I’m sure I’m not alone in that. “God is love.”  His identity of love is becoming more and more evident to me.  The more I understand it and receive it, the easier I find it to accept it and return it to Him and to others.

“In loving me, You made me loveable.”

10 Responses to “In loving me, You made me loveable”

  1. Made lovable and love-able in Him! All because of who He is – He is love!
    Dusty Rayburn recently posted..More Than Words Filling SpaceMy Profile

  2. Thomas Mason says:

    The first words in my post is “God is love” and I wrote it from the viewpoint that God’s identity can indeed also be my identity. As we grow to accept His love over time, we can then love ourselves and love others.
    Thomas Mason recently posted..An Identity of LoveMy Profile

  3. HisFireFly says:

    Only in Him, through Him, because of Him.
    I was going to write on the same passage, you did so brilliantly!
    HisFireFly recently posted..What is it to believe?My Profile

    • philip says:

      Thank you so much. I thoroughly enjoyed your post as well. I need to figure out how to register so that I can comment. Thanks again! 🙂

  4. I loved that quote too. We forget that. He loved us and that’s what began the process. We love because He first loved us. Christians can be so full of self-loathing, but He doesn’t see us that way and we don’t have to wallow there. Good stuff, Philip. Thanks.
    Jason Stasyszen recently posted..The Two Word StoryMy Profile

  5. Frank says:

    It is hard to reconcile what we see in the world with God’s perfect love. But we don’t have the same perspective God has. He views the world through the lens of his unconditional love while we view the world through the lens of our experience. Side-by-side it’s obvious which to trust, but our human nature struggles to believe that “God [really] is love”
    Frank recently posted..Unconditional is not CheapMy Profile