Inspiration at the Tri Cycle Farms Jamboree

About a month ago I discovered that my friends Wild Rivers were playing at the Fayetteville Roots Festival. They are from the Toronto area so you can imagine that they don’t get close by very often. I was determined to do what I could to make it to their set. So I set out to find a ticket to the festival, but unfortunately or maybe fortunately the festival had already sold out. I say fortunately because had I bought a ticket to the festival, I would’ve bought a ticket to the wrong thing, because their show while part of the festival was a separately ticketed event. So thinking it was sold out, I didn’t think I was going to be able to make it. Flash forward to early last week. I reached out to the band because I didn’t see them on the main or side stage rosters. They directed me to Tri Cycle Farms Jubilee, and I was able to track down a ticket. The good news about this even was that it was from 12-4 which allowed me to drive up and also home in order to get back at a decent hour.

So before leaving home, I decided to look up the venue to make sure I knew where I was going. When I pulled up their website, I was struck by their slogan “Growing Community Through Soil.” Those of you who have been following along with my The Church and the Farm project will know that it is very much up my alley. When I determined that I was going, I also reached out to my friends Drew and Chase who live in Fayetteville. I always cherish the time I get to spend with them no matter how great or small. They were working the festival so they said that they couldn’t do anything before the show but they would see me there. I thought that just meant at the festival, but as luck would have it, they were working that event. I ended up getting to have lunch and a great conversation with them.

I left at 8 so that I would have plenty of time to get there and park and also have a cushion if I ran into any traffic on the normally 3 hour drive. I didn’t run into anything so I got there right at 11. When I was approaching the location I couldn’t help but notice it was in the middle of town. I was a little confused on how a farm could be in the area it was in. Even as I drove past it, you couldn’t tell what it was except by the sign. There was no parking on site, so I drove up the street and parked at grocery store about 1/2 a mile away and walked back. Even walking up to area, I couldn’t really tell what all was there.

After getting checked in I walked back around the corner and was greeted by 5 acres of gardens, a hydroponics tent, a barn, and chicken coop. I was totally floored. I never expected to see this in the middle of a city. It was a good tangible example to me of someone having success in what I’m trying to do. It was an all natural garden designed to feed the community. So you can bet I’ll be following Tri Cycle Farms as I get further into this project.

After visiting with Drew and Chase and wandering around the gardens, it was about time for Wild Rivers to go on stage. I was so happy to be able to say hi before they went on to play. I saw them play earlier this year in Kansas City. One of the songs that they played was called “Moving Target.” It was a new to me song at that show and it really stood out to me. I made a point to let them know that I really enjoyed it. It is a piano driven song, and they were unable to bring their piano on this trip. So I figured they wouldn’t be playing it this time. I was fine with that because all of their other songs are so strong. Apparently it wasn’t going to make the cut because they didn’t have the piano, however; Khalid remembered that it was my favorite and so he put it on the list and they played it with guitars, and it sounded so awesome. They played a killer set hitting all of my favorites. A definite highlight was their opening with “Howling” from their new EP Eighty Eight. I highly recommend you check it out if you haven’t heard it yet. After their set, I got to hang out with them a bit more, and talked their ears off about the plans for the Church and the Farm. They were also kind enough to do a short endorsement video for me.

All in all it was a tremendous experience. I’m even more motivated to start this community. I’m also really excited for the next time I get to see Wild Rivers.

4 Responses to “Inspiration at the Tri Cycle Farms Jamboree”

  1. Don Bennett says:

    Dear Philip it was nice to read your blog. It’s encouraging to hear you were inspired by Tri Cycle Farms. Good luck to you as you build your community through soil! The Wild Rivers were incredible! We are grateful they shared their beautiful songs with us.

    • philip says:

      Thanks so much for hosting it. I really appreciate what you’re doing. I was hoping to grab you and chat a bit about it. I bought a couple of shirts and will definitely support you guys and encourage others to do the same. Thanks for the further inspiration and encouragement!
      philip recently posted..Inspiration at the Tri Cycle Farms JamboreeMy Profile

  2. Josh Milligan says:

    Yeah Phillip it was a pleasure to meet you and i had wonderful talk with you about the farm its encouraging to see someone with the same feelings on community.