Know Your limits

I went skiing (the snow kind) yesterday. I”ve been told that if you don”t fall down, you didn”t have fun because you didn”t really push yourself beyond your limits. Well I”m here to tell you, I had a lot of fun yesterday; and apparently something as easy as getting off the chairlift was beyond my limits, because the falling started there.


I”ve been skiing multiple times in all different conditions. I”ve skied under blue, sunny skies on perfectly groom slopes. I”ve skied over ice while hanging with the nasty weather conditions. Yesterday was somewhere in between those things. The most difficult part about yesterday was the heavy powder that someone described as trying to ski through Elmer”s glue. I”m a decent skier, but I”m not accustomed to having my skis grabbed by the powder. This caused a couple of pretty hard tumbles. Luckily with deep snow those didn”t hurt so bad. It just gave me a workout to get back to where my skies were at the initial fall site from where I ended after skidding down farther.

After nearly four hours, maybe a little longer, we decided to call it a day. It was getting close to the last lift of the day anyway and the kids and who am I kidding the adults were getting tired. We were coming down a few of the harder runs, and I was handling them like a “BOSS.” We got down to the lower mountain and I was feeling pretty confident. After all, this is where the easier runs are. There is one, however; that is called “ego.” I had previous run ins with this in the past and had never successfully navigated it without a nasty spill. But yesterday was a new day, and I was determined.

I skied over to join the rest of the group and they all started down. Jason went first and he was out of sight it seemed before I could blink. (Maybe that would be longer because my eyelids were frozen) Nate took the boys over to a section that there were small ramps set up to do jumps. I know my limits and jumps would be pushing them too far. I steered clear for this particular day. I pointed my skis down to conquer a run that I had never been able to conquer. I was weaving back and forth with precision, and that”s when I got cocky. I straightened out to speed down the last little stretch. “I have finally pushed my limits and conquered this run,” I thought to myself. Then it happened, a Philip Stasyszen special. I hit something, nothing visible mind you. A flake of snow grabbed hold of the tip of my ski and that was it. I felt the full impact of…..

Pride  goes  before destruction,  And a haughty spirit before stumbling. (Proverbs 16:18 NASB)

As quick as the fall would be, I had time to think to myself, “This is gonna suck.” I don”t know what it looked like, but it felt like being body slammed by Ramses himself. My head smacked the ice packed snow with such force that it nearly knocked me out. I”m not sure how, but my resting point was nearly 30 feet from where my skis had popped off. I later there for a second to determine if I had any broken bones. Then I tried to get up but only made it as far as my hands and knees. If I were a prize fighter, that one punch would have ended in a ten count. Noah was gracious enough to grab my skis and bring them down to me. Ski patrol was yelling over at me as if to tell me to stay down and they”d be over in a minute. But there I was, pushing my limits determined to have fun. In retrospect, I should have stayed down, because not pushing my limits would have meant a ride on a snow mobile. But alas, I stood up pushed my skis back on a finished up the run.

Determined not to have the wipeout as my last moment of the day, I got back on the chairlift and got one more fall free run in. It was my way of telling the mountain that it had fought hard and knocked me down but I was still standing and having fun.

Don”t let your mountain win today. Push your limits and show it that every time it tries to knock you down that you have something/ Someone bigger inside you that gives you the desire to get back up.

How about you, have you ever been skiing? Ever have a gnarly wipeout?

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  1. It sounds very Zen. You never conquer the mountain; the mountain is to be respected. Perhaps, “ski slops” was accurate after all. 🙂 It was a blast. I know it was tough on you, but you did great!
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