I wrote this post in October of 2010, well before I started this site. I randomly found it in my old notes on my phone and decided to share it here. To those of you who still follow me here, I know it’s been a while since I’ve done anything consistently; but thank you for reading.

It seems like anytime that I’m on an airplane, I feel the need to write something. It’s probably because I normally travel alone, and I guess I just don’t look like the chit chatting type so most people keep to themselves. I suppose I could start the conversation, but I’m always afraid of annoying people., and that’s not what I want ramble on about right now anyway.

As my flight from OKC to DFW was arriving, I looked out the window and saw familiar landmarks. I’m quite familiar with the Dallas metroplex, so I can always tell how close to the airport the plane is based on what I see outside. I’ve been very blessed in my life with the ability to travel many different places and DFW is usually the first stop. My destination today is Orange County. This will be a first time for me, as the only two times I’ve been in California, I’ve just been passing through. The most extended period was a few hour layover in LAX on my way to Japan. I won’t have those landmarks to find on our descent on this flight. I have very little history in this area. I am completely looking forward to the new experience.

I feel that is how my life is progressing right now. I’m flying into an unfamiliar and at times uncomfortable territory. I’ve been comfortable with the landmarks that I’m familiar with in my surroundings, but now I’m being stretched beyond where I can see them. I know my ultimate destination, but I’ve never seen this path that leads me there.

I’ve always looked for guidance on my journey, but I’ve been too quick to jump to what someone else judged to be correct without weighing it myself. I find myself being more selective in who I call on when I need advice. I tend to trust those who have trusted God and the path He has laid out. I have been taking that advice and praying and praying and then praying some more. I know that though I don’t know this path, the faith by which I walk down will lead me towards where and who I’m ultimately meant to be. I look forward to all the new landmarks that are to come in this journey.

I didn’t really write this for anybody’s benefit but my own. I tend to live life as an open book (maybe a little more open than I should). I’m thankful for those who have been and continue to be faithful friends. You guys are always there in my successes and I tend to tell you all about my struggles and failures. I do this because I know most all of you well enough to know there’d be more prayers than judgments. So I’m proud to call you landmarks in my life that I will gladly keep returning to. God knows that I can’t do this without you. Thanks for your constant encouragement and prayers; rest assured that they have been given on your behalf by me. Bless you all in the precious name of Jesus Christ.

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  1. New adventures can be scary, but without them, how would we advance? Good thoughts, bro. 🙂 Thanks Philip.
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