Life lesson learned: you’re going to get fat

When I was a teenager, I was wreck less. I had a metabolism that was off the charts fast, and I more than took advantage of it ; I abused it. I would eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted to eat it. I didn”t care what a calorie was, much less how to count them. For a period of about 3 years, it was routine to go to Taco Bell every Sunday and Wednesday night after church. This would be unhealthy no matter what was consumed, however; I pushed it to the extreme by eating at least ten tacos and washing them down with about a gallon of Dr Pepper.

It was like I was daring my body to expand to epic proportions, yet I weighed barely over 110 pounds when I graduated high school and struggled to get to 125 by the time I was 20, of course I had also grown a few inches in height during that time as well so the weight gain was needed to keep me from looking like Skeletor.

Then something funny happened; well not so much funny as a jerk stunt that life pulled. I figured out how to break my metabolism. How messed up is it that among other things, one of the reasons it slows down is skipping meals? Well I just think that”s more than a little silly, yet that doesn”t it make it any less true. I got to a point where I was eating one meal a day, sometimes two; and they were unhealthy meals at that. Usually at one of your establishments that gets your “food” to you in a fast manner. I learned really quickly that this not something that should continue, but not quickly enough to undo the damage easily. I know that age has also played a part in the slowing, but I know that I sped the slowing along with my habits.


I write this knowing that I never truly got to be obese, but I was/am certainly not in good shape. My current pounds aren”t necessarily bad, they”re just not in the right places. I decided over the last couple of months to do something about it. First step, soda is completely out of my diet. Second step, for the most part so is fast food. (I still allow myself to eat at Chick Fil A) I have also gone from being a lazy bum to working out at least 3-4 times a week. I try to follow a good work out regime that consists of cardio and some strength exercises and I”m trying to keep track of every calorie. I started in mid-August and as of today, I”ve dropped just under 10 pounds.

It”s been an interesting time. I don”t really mind the food part of it, but I hate exercising. My brother has done a good job of helping me stay motivated. I”m not a health not, but I want to be healthy.

How about you, do you have a fast metabolism? Do you enjoy exercising?

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6 Responses to “Life lesson learned: you’re going to get fat”

  1. floyd says:

    I was a skinny kid… and I hated it. I’ve spent all my life in the gym to change that perception of myself. I achieved it, multiple surgeries later and a burned out mind from the decades of endless dieting left me eating pretty much what I wanted as well. The perception never really changed… Like all things physical and material, we can never get enough.

    About three months back I cleaned up my diet like the days of obsession, but with a different mind set. It’s good to look and feel like we were when we were young… I’m down close to twenty pounds and forty from my heaviest days of lifting. My abs really didn’t go AWOL, they were just hiding… It’s now about health… not insecurity and ego…
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  2. Big props on the life change, Phil. Also, props on not removing Chick-Fil-A from your diet. I am proud of you.

  3. I like exercising more because of the zoning out time more than anything. My mind seems to race with so many demands every other part of my day, but running or weights or whatever else, I can listen to music or a sermon and not think. I need that!