Meeting the Comedian

This past Tuesday night I drove to Tulsa with the idea that I was either going to meet up with some great friends or be involved in the weirdest/worst episode of Catfish ever. My friend Ed Wiley informed me that he and his family were driving from South Georgia to North Dakota for him to do a comedy show and that he had booked a show in Tulsa for Wednesday night. Knowing how hilarious his posts and the brief clips of some of his act that I had seen were, I knew I had to make sure that I made it to the show. Knowing through other interactions what incredible people he and his wife Annie were, I was honored when he invited me to have dinner with them and their 6 kids.

Walking into that dinner I didn’t know what to expect. It’s always interesting meeting people you’ve just interacted with on social media. No matter how deep the connection is, there’s always that chance that you’ve befriended a serial killer. Fortunately they weren’t crazy but really crazy awesome people. We spent a little over 2 hours together over pizza and frozen yogurt… Or froyo as the kids say. I loved listening to stories about their South Georgia farm and the true stories behind his jokes. I loved hearing how they saw God orchestrating various opportunities in their lives and how excited they were about them. I loved being able to see that they are clearly sowing into their children a desire to embrace their individuality in what God has placed within them. Did I mention there were 6 kids? Being an uncle to 7 it was right up my alley to be around the 6. They were all awesome and I loved even the smallest interaction I had with them. Overall I experienced a real connection and friendship with Ed and Annie and look forward to where God takes it.


Wednesday night I was excited to drive back to Tulsa to see the stand up routine. He was performing at a benefit show for the John 3:16 mission out of Tulsa with two other very funny guys in Gary Thompson and Ben Flint. It was a great experience all the way around. It was fun seeing Ed on stage doing his thing. He’s got a gift for making people laugh. I saw it in full effect Tuesday night at dinner when he had a much smaller audience. It was awesome seeing it in a comedy show setting. He even got two of his daughters in the act at the end of the show. If you need a laugh, you should look him up; you won’t be disappointed.

After the show I was happy to see other mutual friends again. With a long drive ahead, we weren’t able to stay as long as I would’ve liked after so we said our “until next times.” The crazy thing is I found myself a little sad today that I wasn’t driving to Tulsa to hang out with them again. They made an impact in me. I thank God for my friends Ed and Annie Wiley; I’m looking forward to seeing what He’s going to do in the future through them and their 6 wonderful children.

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  1. Ivan Jordon says:

    I love watching stand-up routines. They’re always fun to watch.
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  2. It was fun to meet them and the show was great. Sorta wish my keys had made it home with me, but the guy from the comedy club did call today and someone turned them in so… it’s all good. I feel like I’m off topic. 🙂
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