Merry Christmas Here’s to Many More

It’s that time of year again; the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. It’s also the time of year when you can walk into about any establishment and hear Christmas, or should I say “holiday,” songs playing. I love Christmas music; I’ve been known to listen to it in April if I’m having a bad day. I’m a sucker for Nat King Cole’s version of “A Christmas Song.” Brenda Lee’s version of ” Rockin Around the Christmas Tree,” can always get me jumpin’. I love the classics, but there are also more than a few more recent albums that can bring the holiday spirit as well. I’d like to share just a few of my favorites with you.


Relient K “Let It Snow Baby; Let It Reindeer”


Relient K has always had the ability to bring humor and wit into their lyrics, and this album definitely has a lot of that. Original songs “Santa Clause Is Thumbin’ to Town” and “I Hate Christmas Parties” as well as a cover of “Nuttin’ for Christmas” bring silly into this record. But they have also always brought songs with depth to their albums as well. One of my favorite Relient K songs(not just Christmas) is contained here. “Merry Christmas Here’s to Many More,” is a song about someone who has had a rough year and possibly life. As he’s reflecting on the tough year he also sees his loved ones inside and what he has been given with them and through Jesus is a blessing that helps him recognize his life isn’t that bad. “I Celebrate the Day” is another powerful song that reflects on the day that Jesus was born and how when He opened His eyes and breathed His first breath, the world was forever changed. Overall a great album filled with Christmas standards and a few originals.


Michael W Smith “Christmastime”


I was never too cool to like Smitty.   He was never my favorite artist, but I could always get behind the message of his songs even with the cheesy synths; he wrote and recorded worship music before it was the cool thing to do. I believe Christmastime was his second Christmas album and is the only one of his I own. I love the opening with “The Happiest Christmas,” and his rendition of “Welcome to Our World.” If you’re not a MWS fan, you probably won’t find much here to change that, but it is an excellent Christmas album.


BEC/Tooth and Nail records “Happy Christmas” collection.


There are a total of four albums that have been released in the “Happy Christmas” series, and I can find something on each album to appreciate. I remember when the first one released in 1998; I was super excited to hear Christmas songs from Switchfoot, Five Iron Frenzy, and Plankeye. Volume 2 would add MxPx, All Star United, and the Normals. Then came volume 3 which had a couple of songs listed above under Relient K, Kendall Payne (very underrated artist), and quite possibly my favorite “modern” Christmas song by Bleach titled, “What We Call Christmas.” Overall these albums were full of great Christmas music from the most popular Christian rock bands at the time.


Mindy Smith “My Holiday”


Mindy has one of the those singing voices that I never get tired of hearing. She’s also one of those artists that brings incredible depth in her lyrics. The first time I heard anything by Mindy was her “Long Island Shores” album; and it remains up there in my favorite albums of all time. On “My Holiday” she brings that depth into the original tunes that she wrote or co-wrote for the album. My personal favorite is “Follow the Shepherd Home.”


Sufjan Stevens “Songs for Christmas”


I’ll be perfectly honest with you; I never heard of Stevens until seeing this crazy Christmas album. It’s not crazy based on song selection but the layout. There are a total of 42 tracks, some of which are less than a minute long, spread out over 5 discs. I understand that these each started out as eps and were packaged together after the fact. Perhaps the funniest thing about the box set was the poster that came with it; he was pictured with people he hired to portray his family. The original song, “Get Behind Me Santa” is my favorite; but it’s all pretty great.


I also have to throw out “A Smalltown Poets Christmas.” I don’t know what it is about this band that gets to me so much, but I really enjoy anything they put out. I missed this album somehow last year when it was put out, but I’m excited to put it I to my rotation this year.


Also special mention to my brother Jason who has a Semi-Christmas song in “Savior of the World.” It is on his album “O God of Our Fathers Vol. 2.” Check it out; he records under Jason Scott.


So how about you, what are some of your favorite Christmas songs/albums.

6 Responses to “Merry Christmas Here’s to Many More”

  1. Well Philip, you may think I am a tad strange. My favorite Cmas album is by Tommy James (of the Shondells) called “I Love Christmas.” I also like Chris Tomlin’s “Glory in the Highest.” When I listened to country music (many moons ago) I liked Collin Raye’s and the Oak Ridge Boys’ first one to be fun to listen to. That would be about it since I don’t spend a lot of $$ on seasonal albums.

  2. Mallory says:

    I’m not too familiar with modern Christmas albumms. So my favorite Christmas song will always be “Mary Did You Know?” My mom used to sing it every year at church, and I got goosebumps every time not just because my mom is a ridiculously amazing singer, but because of the power of the words. So when she quit doing it, I started looking the song up on youtube. Love it. There are a lot of other ones I love, that was just the first one that popped in my mind.
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  3. Funny how I never noticed how utterly strange the cover of that MWS album is. 🙂 You picked some good ones. I would love to hear Mindy Smith’s Christmas album.
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