I”ve been MIA (missing in action, not Miami international airport) for more than just a little while now. There”s been so much going on and I”ve not taken the time to write. Honestly it was almost as if I had forgotten how to write at all.

I think I”m going through a transition honestly. I still enjoy letting people in on me. I still like writing, but it hasn”t taken priority lately. Other priorities have been here and it”s all I can do to focus on those things.

Another thing that has been an unfortunate side effect is that in not writing I”ve missed out on reading others as well. I”ve been reading off and on, but I definitely haven”t been joining in the discussions. I”ve become a lurker, and I don”t really like it too much. I”d like to say that I”ll wake up tomorrow and I”ll write a blog, read all your blogs, and comment on everything I read; but I”m not sure I”m there yet.

I”m not being hard on myself, just letting you in on where I”ve been. I”m not sure if this has been a case of burnout, but I do know that”s going to happen on occasion.

So there you have it.


Top 3 songs


1. Judah & the Lion “Seasons Colors”

2. Venna “12 Shades to the Wind”

3. Churchill “The War Within”

4 Responses to “MIA”

  1. What have you been up to?

    • philip says:

      It was a crazy month. I am hosting my mom while she’s going through some treatment in Tulsa. I also took a trip to Florida for a week. I could have still taken some time for this blog thing but just didn’t have the desire. Anyway, I’ll get back on it soon.

  2. I like the idea of your becoming Miami International Airport. Sounds like a bad Adam Sandler movie (although at this point, adding “bad” might be redundant). Definitely miss you in the discussions, but I also very much understand. I have to pull back a little myself. For me, I have to be filled up before I can write so if I don’t take care of that, I get frustrated and tired. Don’t get beat down, get filled up and it’ll come.
    Jason Stasyszen recently posted..Busy Doesn’t Begin to Describe ItMy Profile

    • philip says:

      Adam is either not funny anymore or he never was as funny as I used to think. Hanks for the advice and encouragement. 🙂