Music: the ultimate experience and connection

This coming Friday I have the privilege to do something that I’ve always wanted to do but not thought I’d have the logistics to pull off. In the immense excitement of it approaching, I also have to admit to being a little intimidated and terrified. If you’re reading this, you most likely follow me elsewhere; and if you follow me elsewhere, you no doubt know that I’m a huge fan of music and experiencing it live. There’s little that I enjoy more than being in a room soaking up every note played and every melody and harmony sung. I’ve been in crowds of just a handful of people all the way up to multiple thousands and yet no matter the size of the crowd I can tune it out and focus on and connect with the artist on the stage. This is very unlike every other aspect of my life where normally I become completely overwhelmed when in the middle of a crowd.

It’s that connection with the music which allows me to move past my comfort zone. I feel and recognize that the band or singer is giving something of themselves to me; they have a gift that they are pouring out to others to experience. It causes me to want to volunteer and give just a little bit back to them to say thank you. It’s what draws me to the crowd funding phenomenon. (More to come on an idea that’s been stirring in me lately in a future post.) A connection that I made through my friends in the Vespers led to me meeting an amazing individual recently. We got to share with each other what we felt God leading us into in this period of our lives over breakfast last week. I would’ve never made that connection without being drawn to a band’s music on a deep level.

This is why I’ll drive or fly hours just to see bands like The Vespers, Judah & the Lion, The National Parks, Colony House, the Hunts, and many others that I don’t have room to list. Why I’ll seek out ways that I can invest back into them either with money or volunteered time. Why I am probably annoying in sharing posts related to their music. Why I made sure that when I received a group email from Handsome and Gretyl that they were putting together a house show tour, I would do everything I could to secure a place on their list to stop. That’s what I’m immensely excited and a little intimidated and terrified about.

I have no doubt that they’ll come and give of themselves and that the show will be excellent. I have no doubt that the location will be perfect for the event and provide exactly what is needed. I’m immensely excited because I know what I will get out of the experience. My hope is that this will be the first of many that I host; but even if it’s the only one, I can’t have picked a better band. Their music is both infectious and deep; which are qualities that are hard to combine. The vocal range is incredible, and the musical arrangements are beautifully done. They’ve been nothing but incredible in this whole experience, and I am confident that will spill over into the show. I’m so excited for the connection to the music and the people behind it, and I am hopeful that everyone there will feel a connection to something beyond themselves as well.

I look forward to writing a follow up post to this after the show to describe in further detail the experience and connection. Wherever you follow me, I’m warning you now, there will be an excess of pictures and probably videos documenting it.

Check out their music. They have an EP and two full length albums available. They also have a Christmas album that is one of my favorites.

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