My Imaginary Bands

Every now and again someone will say something that makes you think, “That”d be a good band name.” Well I assume that others outside my circle of friends do that too. Anyway, I was inspired the other day to take time to type out a few that I have thought about. I actually spent time on google as I prepared to write this post to make sure that none of these are actual bands. I only found one I was going to use that was an actual band. That band is Pine Cone Wars; I have not yet listened to their music, but I applaud their ability to name a band. Without further ado, here is a small sampling of what I”ve named my imaginary bands.

Clamoring for Ribbon Dancing

This name comes forth from an earlier post of mine. I made a comment that outside of Olympics time, no one is really clamoring for ribbon dancing. My dear brother Jason pointed to this as a good band name, and I agree with him.

Bathroom Rapture

This band name plays on the fear that you”ll be doing your business when the Lord comes a callin you home. Their hit song would be “Lord, I”ll be out in 5.”

Moses”s Mustache

This one follows the cliche of finding a Biblical figure and picking out something about them to make your name sound spiritual but also edgy. Their hit would be, “Flecks of Manna.”

Drop the Fodder

I wasn”t sure about this one at first, but it grew on me. This could actually have dual meaning. Fodder can be food for animals or something that people talk about. But wether your dropping the hay for the horses or the latest news about someone; this band has a song for you.

Sasquatch Scratch

I was actually surprised that this wasn”t actually a band name or at the very least, an infectious disease. Whether it be band or disease, I imagine it would be a very intense experience.



After a reminder from a good friend, I have to add a name in.

The Frisky Chipmunks

This name comes from a title of a song from an old music book. I didn”t ever attempt to play the song, so I”m not sure of what it sounded like; my best guess would be that it sounded like “frisky” chipmunks, whatever they sound like. I think there would be some sort of lawsuit from Alvin, for the frisky little guys infringing on the chipmunk band gimmick.


How about you, do you have any band names you”d like to get out there? Would you listen to Bathroom Rapture? Are you clamoring for ribbon dancing?

4 Responses to “My Imaginary Bands”

  1. Okay, so I actually thought that Sasquatch Scratch sounded like a swing-a-billy band (but if they were just coming out now they’d be over a decade late).

    And Bathroom Rapture’s follow-up single would be “Knock-Knock-Knockin’ on the Port-a-Potty Door (It’s Jesus).” They are a band very limited in scope and material. I’m laughing so hard at my own song title, it’s a bit embarrassing. 🙂
    Jason Stasyszen recently posted..Warrior Poet Circle: Finding the PlaceMy Profile

    • philip says:

      I’m liking Sasquatch Scratch the more I think about it. lol

      And your song title would be a definite hit. No need to be embarrassed about laughing at your own jokes. If that were the case, I’d be embarrassed all of the time. Thanks Jason!

  2. lol. “Bathroom Rapture” is intense. For some reason when I read it my mind saw “Bathroom Rupture”, which sounds much more gross. Sorry for that. I felt you needed to know.
    Stephen Haggerty recently posted..Dear The 80′s…My Profile