My Whole Life Has Led to This Moment

As I watched the Olympics over the last few weeks, I had a very cliche thought multiple times, “(Insert athlete”s name) has trained his whole life and it”s all led to this moment; I hope he doesn”t mess up.” this could be true of any pinnacle moment of any sport, but there”s something about the Olympics since they only occur every four years that magnifies it. Of course it also could be a factor that a lot of the sports showcased don”t tend to have much of an audience outside of that setting; How many of us are truly clamoring for more ribbon dancing?

Truth be told we all have had or will have moments in our lives where it can be said that, “His/her entire life has led up to this moment.” We”ve probably even have had the thought about ourselves in big moments. The big moment can be a state championship sporting event, or a high school graduation, or getting into the college of your dreams, or landing that big account, or asking your sweetheart to marry you; these can all be considered big, important moments in your life. They would all warrant the thought of your whole life leading there.

A funny thought occurred to me this morning on my way to work. I drive the same interstate every morning during my 50 minute commute in. As I passed one of the exits the familiar thought occurred to me, “My entire life has led to my passing this exit this morning.” You see the truth is, our entire lives have led to each and every moment that comes; no matter how mundane or insignificant they may seem. Very few of our moments are exciting or take place on the “big stage,” but that doesn”t take away from the fact that each moment and each breath is a gift. Truth is, each moment does have the opportunity to commune with the Creator of the universe; and I can”t really think of a bigger stage than that.

So as you drive to work, eat that French fry, or pick your nose; remember that your entire life has led to that moment.

4 Responses to “My Whole Life Has Led to This Moment”

  1. Yeah, great reminder. We do think in those terms so often and if we get too caught up in it, we miss whole sections of our life in pursuit of the next “big” thing.

    And really, Clamoring for Ribbon Dancing–totally awesome name for a rock band. 🙂 Thanks Philip.
    Jason Stasyszen recently posted..Leaders and FreedomMy Profile

    • philip says:

      Indeed it would be. I was sorta laughing when I was posting this based on the thought about my life leading up to that mundane drive; but it was one of those thoughts that just sort of hits you. Thanks Jason!

  2. Jenna says:

    Every piece of our lives are so significant. Every decision and action leads to a different outcome. People say I’m crazy, but I can honestly say I’ve got no regrets. That’s not to say I’ve made all the right choices. It is to say that they’ve all led me to where I am( and have been) and I appreciate and have grown from every experience. Even poor decisions, if you own them, can result in wonderful lessons and cause you to take bolder steps in better directions. It’s funny looking at your past in detail and realizing that the worst decision in your life led you to the greatest place. It’s all about appreciating every moment. If you can appreciate any and every point in your life, God can use every point in your life and make them all special. 🙂

    • philip says:

      Jenna, I thought I replied to you the other day; but I guess I did not. Each and every “mistake” is definitely an opportunity to learn and grow; and we each can and should have no regrets as long as we are moving forward as better people. Great thoughts, thanks so much for adding them. 🙂
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