New Music Folk(s)

If you”ve read my blog recently, you”ve probably seen that I add a section to each one that let”s you know what songs I”ve listened to the most in time leading up to me writing that post. For this addition to peaceably sown, I”d like to share a couple of artists that I recently found that I just can”t get enough of.


The first artist that I will submit to you is Venna. If you read my last post, you would”ve seen that the top 3 songs were all from this band. That”s because once I heard them, I couldn”t stop listening. I stumbled onto them when I heard them on a tribute album to The Postal Service. “Give Up” was possibly my favorite album of the last 10 years, so when I saw that a few artists that I listen to did a tribute album, I had to check it. Little did I know that there was band on there that would come to dominate my playlist for the next month. Their cover on the album was “Such Great Heights,” and they did a great job with it. As soon as I heard it, I searched Spotify to see if they had anything listed to hear more. The search came up with the album “Third Generation Hymnal,” I”m not sure what the title means; but I was immediately hooked. Lead singer Heather Hladish drew me in with her hauntingly beautiful vocals. The first track that stood out to me was “Twelve Shades to the Wind.” It incorporates the hymn “Be Thou My Vision” into a beautifully emotional song. “I”m sorry to say I did not keep the faith, and I fell down a well of my own apathy” she laments; but then to end the song with hope. “But then I hear your chords and my heart is restored and I”m lifted in love into your welcome arms.” It gets me every time. Each song is beautiful in its simplicity and driven by powerful vocals. The only complaint I have is that with only 8 tracks. It left me wanting much more. They describe themselves as “a working class, husband and wife band from the Midwest who write songs we”d like to hear other people sing to us.” I”m happy that they have written them and chosen to sing them to us.

The next band that”s gotten frequent play from me recently is Judah & the Lion. I found this gem of a band through a tweet that one of my friends sent out about their new album being released. I then realized that their debut EP was available through Noisetrade. ( An amazing resource if you want to discover new bands you”ve never heard of.) After first listen I immediately purchased both EPs and have found them both in regular rotation ever since. The first song that stood out to me was the first one on “Sweet Tennessee” titled “Back”s Against the Wall.” It”s a great song of encouragement to never give up no matter what you”re facing; there”s always someone there. The one that has had the biggest impact on me though is “Seasons Colors.” It”s such a powerful song; and when it gets to the part where there is a deep breath, I get goosebumps. Do yourself a favor, check these guys out.

Judah & the Lion – Seasons Color from encourageous on Vimeo.




The most recent band was recommended by Mr Caleb Parker, and it”s a group called The Hunts. The Hunts are a group of brothers and sisters from Chesapeake, VA. I literally just found out about them and started listening to them Monday night, so I don”t have much information for you other than they are really good. They remind me a little bit of the band The Head and the Heart. Their album “We Were Young” is definitely worth picking up.


Other albums I”ve recently picked up


Johnnyswim “Heart Beats” loving the song “Don”t Let It Get You Down”


The Mowglis “Waiting for Dawn”


Aoife O”Donovan “Fossils” don”t ask me how to pronounce her name, but her music is great!

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