Prometheus and Faith

Ever since I first started to see the previews for the new movie Prometheus, I have been extremely excited to see it. I have always been someone who scares easily, so I don”t generally watch “scary” movies; but I”ve been a huge fan of Ridley Scott”s Alien movie for years. Spoiler alert, if you haven”t seen this movie and don”t want to know even the slightest plot points, stop reading hear.

I didn”t know what to expect coming into this movie. I knew what was in Alien and it”s subsequent sequels, but this was billed as a prequel…. Sorta

I think that the intent was that the movie could stand on its own without someone to have needed to see the original to keep up. I believe that it was successful in its goal here.

Now before I get too much into the story of the movie, I”d like to say that this movie is one of the most visually stunning that I have ever seen. From the opening scenes of waterfalls to the vastness of space to the alien planet it was all just extremely beautiful. Scott”s direction was extremely amazing throughout the entire film. My goal with this entry is to not necessarily give a review, but rather describe what I received through the film”s message. I will try to do so without giving too much away, but it will be necessary to reveal some of it.

The film begins as scientists Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Hoffman are making a very important discovery of cave paintings in Scotland that would seem to point to the origin of mankind. The next scene takes us aboard the ship Prometheus for which the film is named. The crew is asleep in podlike beds and have been for quite some time due to the length of the trip. Among those sleeping in the pods we see our cave discovers Shaw and Holloway. There is one member of the crew who is wide awake; an android named David. David seems to be tasked with making sure everything is running smoothly on the long trip. Since he has a lot of time on his hands, he engages in various activities to keep himself occupied. One of the activities shown is watching the dreams of Shaw. If it was explained how he was able to do this, I missed it, however; it was a cool scene either way.

David watches a conversation between Shaw and her father from when she is a little girl. In the conversation she asks him what happens to people when they die; to which he replies that there are many names for it but they go to a place where they”ll be forever happy. When she asks how he can be sure, he simply replies, “It”s what I choose to believe.”

This shapes her into the person she is. In fact, she uses this very reasoning when she is questioned by one of the crew members later on in the film. I”m not here to debate theology presented or what I believe was right or wrong in the film; that”s not really important to this particular post. What I would like to point out are two very key things from the film.

The first is a poignant scene with David and Holloway. David asks him a question to the effect why did humans create him. Holloway callously answers, “because we could.” This was David”s reponse, how would you feel if you received the same answer from your creator(s).” I couldn”t help but be struck by this statement; I, myself live my life knowing that I was created for a purpose; and I spend everyday living to see that purpose fulfilled. My heart broke knowing that there are people out there who have been lied to and beaten down into believing their life has no meaning. It made me thankful for what I have been given and chose to believe; but it also gave me a further desire to speak truth to those who haven”t been given the same feeling.

The second was the tenacity of Shaw”s faith. At every turn she was faced with circumstances that could cause her to either give up her belief or dig deeper into it. No matter what she faced, she held firm and pressed on. She didn”t let anything or anyone cause her to question herself or what she believed and would go to any length or depth to prove it. This was a very strong message throughout the movie and one that I appreciated. Maybe it is an obvious connection; but I couldn”t help but be struck by the metaphor of going such a great distance into space to follow and prove what she believed.

The movie was very intense and very disturbing in some scenes. So if you intend to see it, I advise you to use discretion.

Tell me, where have you found inspiration where you least expected it?

6 Responses to “Prometheus and Faith”

  1. Angi says:

    I am so excited to see this movie!! And so annoyed that we only get 2 movies at a time here and this week they chose to have Madagascar 3 and Dark Shadows…grrr. That means at least another week until we get Prometheus here, and that’s IF we get it next Friday. Sigh. Glad to hear it’s worth the ticket!

    • philip says:

      It was a very intense movie but it was very entertaining and thought provoking throughout. There were a couple of scenes that I had to turn away, but over all it was more about the story than the scares and I appreciated that.

  2. I had read about this one and wasn’t quite sure. Still not, to be honest, but very interesting thoughts, Philip. 🙂

  3. Haven’t seen the movie yet (I’m a scifi nut)but I will soon. Thanks for sharing your insight!