Going Places with the National Parks

“And if you’re looking for light Just keep running to me ‘Cause you just might find it Where the river meets the sea” This is the bridge to “Ghosts” by The National Parks. I first heard it a little over 4 years ago and I remember being struck by the beauty of that bridge and the instrumental part that followed it. I listened to this song on repeat for the rest of the day... read more

My Weekend With Joseph and Kelsey

Last week was a tough week. I went through a huge project at work. I was still getting over being really sick, and I couldn’t find time to rest to help get past it so I had a slight relapse. In early January I had bought tickets to see one of my favorite bands in both Dallas and Austin over the weekend. Friday night’s show in Dallas didn’t start until 9 so I knew I could get down in time... read more

A trip to Austin

The month of May has definitely sneaked up on me, and happy to say that I’m pretty excited about it. The month has a couple things in store that I’ve been looking forward to. The first one comes today as I will get in the car and head southward to Austin, TX. I typed that part this morning. I’m finishing it this evening from a hotel room in Austin. It was quite the adventurous drive and... read more