Doing Good Well

I love Hebrews 11. “The roll call of the faithful” never ceases to encourage me. The fact that all these normal people in all their inadequacies and failures still found favor with God because they decided to trust and believe that He held something better for them is just beyond amazing. The fact that the chapter ends with this promise for those to follow is even more encouraging. because God... read more

Love is freedom or what I learned about God from the Avett Brothers

“It isn’t freedom to care less or walk the tightrope of right and wrong without remorse. The motive of a righteous heart is not to get away with anything. The motive of the righteous is to be loved and to love! That’s what we’ve all been wanting for all of history. That’s the freedom Jesus died for. We can now love each other well, because it’s who we really... read more