April Fooled Again

I wish I were clever enough to come up with a post to prank you guys on this April Fools Day 2013; but the truth is, I haven”t ever been able to pull a very good prank because I can”t keep a straight face even when you can”t see my face. I am, however; very easy to prank. I don”t remember myself being so gullible growing up, but I”ve had people pull some doozies on me... read more

SXSW Part 2 An (un)Expected Journey

This is the continuation of the account of my SXSW trip. I shall call it SXSW trip day two, an (un)expected journey. I tried to go to bed at a decent hour Friday night, but I found it difficult by what was going in the rooms on each side of me. I tweeted the following at 10:50pm. @philstasyszen: So I’m staying in a hotel and I’m pretty sure I’m hearing the person next door snoring. I... read more