In loving me, You made me loveable

Anytime there is a natural disaster or a completely hideous crime, non-believers and even some believers like to ask the question “why?”.  Why or how could God allow this thing to happen.  They let evidence of bad in the world fuel an unbelief within themselves.  There is another why/how that can also fuel unbelief.  “God why/how do you love me? I’m nothing; I’m nobody. ... read more

A Believer Who Doubts

“There is the “you” that people see and then there is the “rest of you”.” I”ve had a terrible day today. The really sad thing is there”s no reason for me to have made the previous statement. I didn”t face any sort of controversy; everyone I was in contact with today was generally pleasant to deal with; plus I found out there”s a new Mexican... read more