Let’s Plant!

A week ago I asked for suggestions for types of flowers, plants, and trees to be featured at The Church and the Farm. I received a lot of amazing responses and even learned about some that I didn’t know existed. I’m really looking forward to incorporating all of the suggestions into the grounds of the property. I’m also looking forward to working with skilled people who now how cultivate... read more

Dreams and Vulnerability

Whenever I see someone who has shared something of themselves that has blessed, encouraged, or otherwise touched me in some way announce that they have a new project that they are working on and attempting to raise funds to share it with others, I always try to give at least a little bit in support. I feel as though it’s a simple way to give just a fraction back of what they given me. They all say... read more

The Church and the Farm

The Vision: The vision of it is pretty simple. I want to provide a place where people from all over can come enjoy themselves in a variety of different ways. I also want to operate something that the local community can enjoy and benefit from. Our mission is to provide a high quality environment for events of many varieties. We strive to bring the very best to each event no matter how big, small, or size... read more