New Music Folk(s)

If you”ve read my blog recently, you”ve probably seen that I add a section to each one that let”s you know what songs I”ve listened to the most in time leading up to me writing that post. For this addition to peaceably sown, I”d like to share a couple of artists that I recently found that I just can”t get enough of.   The first artist that I will submit to you is... read more

April Fooled Again

I wish I were clever enough to come up with a post to prank you guys on this April Fools Day 2013; but the truth is, I haven”t ever been able to pull a very good prank because I can”t keep a straight face even when you can”t see my face. I am, however; very easy to prank. I don”t remember myself being so gullible growing up, but I”ve had people pull some doozies on me... read more