The Church and the Farm

The Vision:
The vision of it is pretty simple. I want to provide a place where people from all over can come enjoy themselves in a variety of different ways. I also want to operate something that the local community can enjoy and benefit from.
Our mission is to provide a high quality environment for events of many varieties. We strive to bring the very best to each event no matter how big, small, or size in between.

The Barn:
The barn will be large enough to comfortably seat at least 600 or large enough for standing crowds of at least 1000. This makes it ideal but not limited to the following types of events: Weddings, concerts, proms, graduations, reunions (high school or family), business retreats, and charity events. The grounds will be set up in such a way that the barn will be elevated so that it overlooks the rest of the property and in turn can be seen from just about anywhere else on property.

The Church:
The Church will be setup for smaller but no less special events in a more intimate setting. It will be available for around 200 people. It will be perfect but not limited to events such as smaller weddings, concerts with a more intimate feel, church get togethers. This space will bring and old school church feel with modern touches. It will be situated on the opposite end of the property so that multiple events can be going on without interfering with each other.

The Farm:
The Farm is more than just a clever part of the name. We will have functioning fruit orchards and vegetable gardens that will not only be something cool to look at, but will be a practical way to give back to the community. Whether it be by donating the yield directly to community market or food bank designed to feed the hungry or sale proceeds being donated, the main function of the Farm will be help fight hunger in the community.

The Floral Gardens:
One thing that I’ve really gained an appreciation for in the last few years is a beautiful floral garden. There really is something about stopping to smell the flowers that is therapeutic. We will have a sprawling garden complete with gazebo and seating areas. This area will be large enough to host smaller events and will be perfect for casual strolls and pictures. This will rival anything in the state.

The Nature Trails:
The plan is to have a lush area of trees and water features with trails for morning or evening walks, runs, or bike rides. These trails will provide a peaceful environment to take in some fresh air.

The Community:
Above all, we want to be a community oriented venue. We will work with local partners in photography, catering, ministers, florists, and other services to make every event feel special and run smoothly. We will also host local and national artists in a variety of fields to come showcase their talents and gifting. These events will be all about giving back to those that give of themselves in their art and introducing them to a new audience. With the development of the land, the events that take place, and the charitable contributions, we will be something that the community can be proud of.

Charitable Contributions:

As alluded to in sections above, we will continually be on the lookout for new ideas both big and small to give back to our surrounding and global communities. It is the core of what inspired this whole project in the first place. Here are a few ideas that we’ve come up with so far with many more to be added to it.

We will work with local community resources to donate fresh fruits and vegetables for use in feeding the hungry in the area. If Farmer’s Market is established, proceeds will be donated to local community resources on that front as well.

We want those that want fresh fruits and vegetables in the surrounding communities to be able to come and partake. We will have a program where the individual can come and be given two baskets. One will be for them to fill up and take home. The other for them to pick and fill up to them be given to a local community market to go to the hungry in the community.

In addition to the fruits and vegetables, it’s only natural to have bees on site to help with the pollination process. We will harvest honey on site and also have it available for purchase.

We want those that come in to share their art to benefit from their art. We will not look to profit during those displays. Only funds that are necessary to operate the facility and pay staff would come out of proceeds from ticket sales. There will be no venue cut of any merchandise sales.

On top of all of that, we believe that everyone should be able to experience art. We will have programs in place to have tickets available for individuals who might not otherwise be able to come to a show.

During concerts and other events that call for concessions. The concession stand will be open to be operated by local youth groups or other groups looking to raise money for their teams. The venue will provide concessions for the groups to sell so that they will receive all of the proceeds.

For more information or to inquire on for a potential supporting role, please contact

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