The Hidden Mountain

Hidden mountain


Believe it or not, there was a mountain in front of me when I took this picture; if you look closely, you can probably make it out. Don”t strain your eyes; it”s there, trust me. Just a few moments before I took this picture, the sky was clear and the mountain was easily visible. When the clouds started rolling in, it didn”t take long for what was once clearly visible to be covered up in fog. It”s unfortunate that the beauty of the mountain is covered up in this picture. You can”t see that it towers mightily above me.

It doesn”t matter how thickly the clouds cover the mountain. It doesn”t matter if we can see it or not. The fact remains, that the beauty and might of the mountain remains standing there.

There are days when I can see God and His work in my life as clear as day. The sky is blue; the sun is shinning, and I have no doubt He is with me. But not unlike the clouds that came to obstruct my view of the mountain in the form of this fog, I too often let my circumstances create a fog of doubt that gets the way of my view of God. It”s unfortunate how easily I let these clouds of doubt roll in.

I can be having the most faith filled day walking hand in hand with His words and His promises, when suddenly something distracts me enough that I lose sight of Him. In those moments I”m not unlike Peter when he walked on the water. I look at the wrong thing and focus on my own limitations.

The good news is that even in those moments. The moments when my vision is impaired and I can”t see God in His might and majesty; it doesn”t change the truth of who He is and what He can do. In the fog that my circumstances surrounds me with, my God is still powerful and mighty to save.

He reaches out His hand to pull me from the stormy sea until my view is clear and calm once again.
unhidden mountain

I”d love to hear your thoughts on this simple revelation I had.

4 Responses to “The Hidden Mountain”

  1. That’s my breakfast and dinner view there. 🙂 We trust that He is there even when we can’t see. Makes it that much more glorious when we see Him again and then to think about a time when we will be seeing Him for eternity–wow! That’s quite a view. Thanks Philip.
    Jason Stasyszen recently posted..Create in MeMy Profile

  2. Love the picture Phil. i did see the mountain without much of a strain. But loved your application even more.
    bill (cycleguy) recently posted..WeirdMy Profile