The Vespers Sisters and Brothers

imageIt’s been a while since I’ve written something but I just had to do so today to tell you about the new album that my friends The Vespers released today called Sisters and Brothers.


I had the privilege of supporting this project through their Kickstarter campaign early last year and in doing so was able to receive the album in advance. The band is made up of two sisters Callie and Phoebe Cryar and two brothers Taylor and Bruno Jones; and not only are they fantastic musicians, they are even better people. This album marks their third together following up “Tell Your Mama” and “The Fourth Wall.” Each effort is great in it’s own right and demonstrates their progression in maturity both as musicians and songwriters.

“Sisters and Brothers” opens with the rollicking “Break the Cycle” which addresses the age old “nothing new under the sun” issue. It discusses our desire to break through those things that have all been done before and find our own voice in this world.

“Everybody sounds like someone else, we all just want to sound like ourselves”

The title track encourages the listener to look beyond their selfish pursuits and reach out the hurting around us. We are all sisters and brothers and should be looking out and taking care of one another.

“Look out for your sister don’t forget your brothers, gotta take care of each other”

“Out West” demonstrates the band’s talent and range instrumentally and vocally. It demonstrates a longing to break free of the mundane and explore a place you’ve never been.

Another highlight for me is “The Curtain” which shows the struggle of juggling being out on the road as an artist using the gifts that you are given and being who you were made to be while also longing to be at home with loved ones. It’s a beautiful song.

Whether you’re looking for something bigger than yourself “Not Enough;” or your struggling with fitting in and keep your values “New Kids,” this album has something for you. Overall this a fantastic album both lyrically and musically and well worth your time to listen. It will “leave you wanting more” in a good way.

The album came out today and is available through iTunes and Amazon. Visit the links below to buy the album or find out more about the band.

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