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Sometime in the last 10 years I saw a video of Canada, and it made me want to visit it in person. The parts of the video that specifically piqued my interest were filmed in the province of British Columbia. When I made the mental note to put it on my travel bucket list, I figured it would be somewhere way down the line in life. Fast forward to February from whatever day within the last 10 years that I first saw the video. I was in Austin Texas for a concert when Handsome and Gretyl invited me to a show that they were playing on April 19th. I didn’t know if they were joking or not but I gave it serious consideration even though it was in Seattle and I’m not normally anywhere close to there on a Wednesday night in April. (I’ll write more about the show in a separate post.)

I found a plane ticket that was actually pretty cheap and I verified that the days were available to take off from work. The only thing that was lacking for making a trip to Seattle was having a place to stay that wasn’t expensive. I reached out to my sister because she is more familiar with and spends time in Seattle to see if she could recommend a place. She asked me what date I was looking at; and when I told her, she said that she and my nephew would be there at the same time. When I learned that, I knew I had to go. My oldest nephew is graduating high school next year and I’d been wanting to do something with him before that occurs. I reached out to his parents to see if it would be okay to take him to Seattle with me and he could also see his aunt and cousin. They agreed and we worked out the details of the trip.

Now that the trip was on, I realized how close Seattle was to the border of British Columbia. So I decided to see how feasible it would be to run up there for a couple of days since we’d be that close. In my research, I was able to find a ferry to and from Vancouver Island with acceptable times, a hotel at a fair enough rate, and ambitious route of points of interest that could be seen in one day. One of the things that stood out to me in the area were the gardens. The most famous was Butchart Gardens that had started out as an old limestone quarry and been transformed into 55 acres of sprawling gardens. After experiencing it in person, I can honestly say that I would’ve traveled 1700 miles just to see it alone.

I’ve traveled a lot over the last few years, but it’s been to places that were within a day’s drive of home or places that I was quite familiar with. It was interesting having to try to map things out and figure out how many of them we could realistically cram into a single day on the island. Also, I’m pretty oblivious when it comes to traveling with “kids” as I don’t have any of my own; but I did know it could be tricky trying to travel with a minor over an international border. Luckily Noah is quite a bit bigger than I am, so I suspect most wouldn’t think I was transporting him against his will. Even so, I made sure to work with his parents to create documents that said it was okay for him to be heading north with me. It was kind of neat being responsible for another human being beyond myself for a few days. In my next post, I will breakdown what we were able to accomplish in the few days we had and post some of the pictures I took. I’ll also write a third post specifically around the Handsome and Gretyl concert for my concert series thread.

What’s one place on your travel bucket list?

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  1. I’m glad you you guys got to go. Andrea and I were just talking about Italy last night. We’d love to go for our 20th anniversary which is only a couple years away (which seems insane).
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    • philip says:

      It was such a great time, I’m glad we got to go and that I got to spend time with Noah. Really hope he had as much fun as I did. Italy would be amazing! It would be on my international bucket list with Iceland and New Zealand.