VEAUX at home

Tonight I hosted my third house concert. It was a group that I have been following for a while now but never had a chance to see in person. A couple of months back they put out that they were looking for places to play; and I said if they wanted to come to Oklahoma, I’d love to host them. Sure enough they reached back out to me and we were able to set something up.

The band recently moved from Colorado to Nashville to pursue music full time. If there is any fairness in the music industry, these guys are on their way to incredible things. I appreciate their openness and raw honesty that is present in their music but also in their interaction with the crowd.

They arrived early to start setting up and between flipping burgers we had a great preshow visit. They currently have three songs that they’ve released under the name VEAUX. Wander (which they also released under their previous name, Medic) was the first, On the Edge came second, and most recently If You Could Feel My Love. They also have a more extensive catalog under Medic. One of my favorites of their early stuff was Grace and Gravity which I was thrilled that they graciously played at my request.

Around 6, the guests started to arrive and we had a great time of food and fellowship. I’ll admit that sometimes it’s hard for me to be in the middle of this part of the night. I’m so focused on making sure everyone else has everything they need that I tend to not be able to be in the middle of it. I can definitely get better at that part. I cooked all of that food and forgot to eat something myself. Though I never was hungry because I was satisfied doing something that I know deep down I’m supposed to do.

Just after 7, I had the privilege to get up and introduce the band. What followed was an incredible set of music and one truly incredible and honest q&a session. The theme of the night was fellowship and community. We all have our unique qualities and challenges but if we get together and discuss them and really listen and respect one another, this life and world would be so much better for it. Each show that I’ve had the privilege to host has been unique, and I’ve learned so much from each one of them. I feel a sense of purpose in them and feel privileged that I can provide a place for talented people to come share their gifts and talents with a new audience.

Highlights for me were hearing Grace and Gravity live and the stories behind the songs Wander and Smoke. Sometimes it really does take walking away from something old to create something new. That was so eloquently communicated. God still uses our experience and circumstances to show us something beautiful if we allow it. Even if those experiences and circumstances aren’t always pleasant to walk through.

After the show, the guys stuck around to visit some more until everyone had a chance. Friends went on their way home and we got to be involved in an impromptu band meeting in the kitchen. I’m honored and humbled that Aaron, Dominic, and Andrew came to a home in the middle of nowhere to bare their hearts and souls in song and word to a group of new found friends. I am eager to host them again very soon. If you haven’t had a chance to experience their music, they are on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and about every other music site you can think of. You can also find them at their website

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