What is The Church and the Farm?

And why is Phil Stasyszen asking me to follow it?

The Church and the Farm is an idea that has been bubbling up in me for a little over ten years now. It’s seen many forms in that time, and I’m sure it will continue to grow from the grand ideas I have for it right now. I wanted to give you a little background on my vision for it and how it was born.

The vision of it is pretty simple. I want to provide a place where people from all over can come enjoy themselves in a variety of different ways. I also want to operate something that the local community can enjoy and benefit from. I want it to be an event center that will be able to host weddings, school functions such as reunions and dances, business retreats, family get togethers large and small, and so on and so forth. I plan to have luscious floral, fruit, and vegetable gardens. (More on that later) I want a fishing pond and cabins to stay in. I want to follow these mission statements:

Event Complex:
Our mission is to provide a high quality environment for events of many varieties. We strive to bring the very best to each event no matter how big, small, or size in between. Specializing in events including weddings, high school reunions, dances, company retreats, church events, and any other type of need you may have.

Concert venue:
Our goal is to provide a place for artists to come and share their craft with a new audience. We strive to showcase talented musicians into a new market. Our passion is to use our resources to provide a unique experience to both artist and audience. Our mission is to provide a multipurpose venue for musical artists that will meet their needs and provide high earning potential. The overall focus will be to ensure the artist receives thorough provision in every aspect.

I ultimately settled on the name “The Church and the Farm” for a few different reasons. First “The Church” because I always envisioned having an old school little white church on property for smaller events that called for a more intimate setting. Whether that be smaller weddings that we’re looking for a more traditional venue or an acoustic concert that could feel a little more down to earth. This was further cemented when I shared this with my buddy Justin Robbins who said I should just call it “The Church.” “The Farm” is really twofold. I imagined that the main, larger building would be a barn of some variety; but I also have had this thought that I want a lot of this venture to be charitable in nature. I really would like for it to be a functioning farm with what is produced able to be donated to local food banks or other organizations that fight hunger. I could even see running it as a farmers market where the proceeds are donated to said charities. I’ve been overly blessed by people using their gifts to pour without measure into my life. I want to create something to give a little bit back. I’ve been fortunate to host two house concert events and was responsible for organizing another event at our church and it’s really lit a fire in me for bigger things.

It’s been a little bit frightening for me to put this out there, but I’m doing it for a couple different reasons. The first reason is that it’s been building on inside of me so much that I have to let it out. Secondly, I want it out there so you will all be excited about it with me and push me to see it happen. I know more about noise ordinances, commercial liability insurance, and forming an llc than I thought I’d ever need to know and I’ve barely scratched the surface. I definitely want and will need to partner with others to get this going.

Let me know what ideas you might have that could help me along. Your prayers are much appreciated.

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