As I watched the US Open golf tournament and then the NBA Finals game five yesterday, I got to thinking to myself; why am I rooting for one and against another? Yes there are obvious factors that go into my feelings about a competitor, but it gets tricky when everyone is seemingly on the same level. For instance, I had a rooting interest for Phil Mickelson because he”s been so close to winning so many times; add to it that he risked his playing by attending his daughter”s 8th grade graduation in California the night before the tournament started and had to red eye back to Pennsylvania just to make his first round tee time. I respect and root for a man who wants to be there for his children.


I was actually cheering for Hunter Mahan more than Phil. He went to school at OklahomaState, and I happen to be a fan of that school. He has won other tournaments, but never has won on the big stage of a major championship. He”s had heartbreak at other big events and come close to winning. I was pulling for him to find redemption here.


So why was I rooting for Justin Rose to fall apart down the stretch? Just because he didn”t have a daughter graduating, did that make him any less of a person deserving to win the tournament? Just because he didn”t go to a college that I happen to be a fan of, does that mean that I can”t be happy for the man to have won the first major championship of his career? If anything, I should be able to identify more with Rose than with either of the other guys. He too was spending Father”s Day without his father present having lost him at a young age.


I know sports is all about rivalries and picking your favorite and sticking with them. As an OklahomaState fan, we are despised by OU and in turn most despise them right back. As an Oklahoma City Thunder fan, I”ve learned to despise both teams that are in the finals. But this year I find myself pulling for San Antonio to crush Miami. (Full disclosure, I was a Spurs fan before the Thunder came to be.) it didn”t take long to see the Spurs as a rival though. I have a special dislike for Lebron and the Heat though. I suppose it stems from the Thunder”s inability to beat them the past couple of years. The fact that Lebron overshadows our guy Durant when it comes to best player and MVP talk.


Growing up, I loved to watch Michael Jordan play; and I recently found myself in an argument with my cousin over better player Jordan or Lebron. In my book it”s no question and there never will be. Considering my cousin is 12 and has nothing to compare, he has no question it”s Lebron. With my feelings about James now, I have to wonder if I would have despised Mike in the same way in the 90″s if I was where I am now back then. Did I have stupid arguments about greatest ever based on my limited knowledge pool?


It”s not that I wanted Justin Rose to lose yesterday. I wanted Phil, Hunter, or if he had been in the field, David Duval to win. I wouldn”t be any happier or any better off today if any one else had won. I definitely won”t Lebron, Dwayne, and Bosh to lose; because apparently I”m a hater.


I found perspective this weekend watching a golfer cry over something he had worked his whole life towards. I haven”t found it yet in basketball. I still hope “King” James never wins another title. I may not understand that part of myself, but there it is.


Top 3 songs. I”m enamored with Venna”s hauntingly beautiful voice so they dominate the list this week.


1. “Meet Me in the Hammock” Venna

2. “Danger – Past & Present” Venna

3. “Quitting Contest” Venna

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